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    A Gear Expert

    青海快3开奖结果今天 Our Gearheads have extensive experience in the outdoors, so they know exactly what you need to follow your own passions.

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    Dedicated to You

    In addition to know-how, your Gearhead provides individual attention to make sure that you get exactly the gear that you need.

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    Beyond the Sale

    Your Gearhead wants to know how your new gear worked out, and is ready to help out the next time you're planning an adventure.

Authoritative Advice, Next-Level Service

Our Hiking Gearhead Jared worked extensively with Henry to help him build a kit for hiking the Appalachian Trail. Jared was tasked with keeping the cost under $2000 and the base weight under 20 pounds. Working together, these are some of the items they settled on:

"Working one-on-one with customers is great. As time goes on, I get to know each customer and their specific gear needs."

Jared Downs


Find Your Own Gearhead

Once you've answered a few questions, we'll connect you with a Gearhead based on your needs, your common interests, and his or her areas of expertise. And yes, this service is absolutely free.

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